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Episode 49 (Part 1) – Eddie and Alex are joined an old friend (an intern) from Eddie’s past, Ian Corey. The boys catch up on each other’s lives as Jane Wiedlin from the Go Go’s comes to the Mutiny Cafe with a film crew to shoot scenes from her new movie. The boys get in to some hot riffs, wise cracks and more. David Crosby jokes are in full swing in this fantastic installment of the CoupDetat!

Episode 49 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex continue their deep discussion with Eddie’s old friend and intern, Ian Corey. The boys discuss everything from current events, Mike Post, Herman Cain, Michael Jackson, Heavy D, sad songs and also the movie being shot out in the Mutiny Cafe. Jane Wiedlin from the Go Go’s makes a special appearance in the Mutiny Cafe as part of the film crew. Listen for a little bonus CoupD’etat at the end of the podcast!

Episode 48 (Part 2) – THE LOST EPISODE: Continuing with the “Lost Episode” vibe, Eddie and Alex talk with barista and part-time Olive Garden employee, Luke. The boys discuss the plague on society that is Guy Fieri. More updates on the Robbie Goodwin hate train on youtube. Eddie and Alex are close to death but the jams keep them out of the grave. This is one “Lost Episode” you don’t want to lose.

Episode 47 (Part 1) – Eddie stumbles into the studio feeling a little under and over the weather. It only takes Eddie 14 minutes to realize that he was talking into the wrong side of the Mic. Alex loses his mind and Eddie tries to put him at ease by discussing the Occupy movement and playing some soft hits. Eddie announces The Rock and Roll Coup D’état’s new sponsor, @PacoCollars!! The bootlegs get deep while the boys count sheep.

Episode 47 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex prepare themselves for a special visit by the almost fictitious comedian, Kaseem Bentley. The boys discuss further developments in the Robbie Goodwin hate campaign on Youtube surrounding his comedy bit on Ron Paul. Eddie gets deep into the psychology of Tic Tac Dough digs even deeper into the theme music. Music, Jokes and fun are all you can expect.

Episode 46 (Part 1) – Eddie stumbles back into the studio for another crazy episode of the Coup! Eddie’s computer is back on the fritz so the boys discuss the Treasure Island Music Festival, they dig deep into their fleeting sponsorship with Panera Bread and also get really deep into Olive Garden’s youtube page?!? The boys bring in the local Barista, Luke, to discuss Olive Garden’s inner workings. Afterwards the bootleg breakfast gets served. Tasty treats straight from the street!

Episode 46 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex finish out another bootleg breakfast and then dive deep into a flurry of infomercials from the 90’s. Alex introduces Eddie to the all cop band “Hot Pursuit”. Alex goes on a soul searching adventure and Eddie plays some classic jams from the 50’s and 60’s. The boys do a late news session which only gets Alex angry. Find out what happens next!

Episode 45 (Part 1) – Eddie and Alex find themselves somewhere between misery and oof with another episode of the Coup! The boys discuss technology, Steve Jobs, Occupy Wallstreet, Hot tracks, Teddy Winters, and aging. Eddie takes some calls and digs deep into Ryguy’s dusty sack of bootlegs. Things get crazy and no one’s getting lazy. Haunted headphones never sounded sweeter.

Episode 45 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex wrap up yet another fine bootleg breakfast then launch directly into more Robbie Goodwin An Immature Zionist comments. Eddie and Alex also dive deep into what youtube has to offer by way of child prodigies. Eddie dives back into the JFK case discussing Joseph Milteer’s involvement in the Kennedy assassination. Classic grooves are put on display. Another fine mess.

Episode 44 (Part 1) – Eddie and Alex are back for another round of their favorite program. This week Eddie and Alex welcome rising celebrity and comic Amy Schumer to the program for a conversation about all things Schumer (Last Comic Standing, Charlie Sheen Roast etc..) The boys make test out the new sound board then make laughs and ride rafts. Podcast history is made.

Episode 44 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex finish up the bootleg breakfast. The boys revisit Robbie Goodwin’s Ron Paul comedy video and discuss the hell storm of negative comments. Eddie plays some sweet jams and then the terror alert is raised when the boys discuss the genius work of San Francisco based band Train. More songs and apologies. Classic Coup!

Episode 43 (Part 1) – Eddie and Alex return to the studio only to find that everything is falling apart. Eddie discusses his trip out east and Alex gets mad as he sheds light on the protests in NYC called the “Occupy Wall St.” Movement. The boys play some timely grooves and wonder what direction our country is moving in. The weirdest and most important episode in weeks. Let’s get real.

Episode 43 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex take calls, finish the bootleg breakfast, listen to sweet and sultry grooves, discuss “this day in Rock and Roll History” which leads to an in-depth terror alert worthy discussion on the band Nickelback. Eddie and Alex also do a character profile on actor, Bronson Pinchot. Things only get weirder. Total shenanigans!

Episode 42 (Part 1) – Eddie and Alex get back into the studio for a very special edition of the Coup. The boy’s stampede through the news, play some rare and sweet grooves and gear up for the up coming interview with Comedy legend, Dom Irrera. Insults are made and bills are made. Check this S.O.B out!!

Episode 42 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex welcome comedy legend, Dom Irrera, to the program. The guys discuss Dom’s amazing career, showbiz and his upcoming appearance at the San Francisco Punchline. Later, the boys play some bootlegs and smooth grooves and Howard Stone drops by the studio for a rare appearance. A show of legendary proportions.

Episode 41 (Part 1) – Eddie sneaks back into the studio and stretches his legs with some sentimental songs. Alex joins in on the fun with some current events (which always lead back to 9/11?). Eddie gets a much needed phone call from his hired Private Investigator on the death of co-host Ryguy. If Ryguy is dead than light must be shed! Songs are played and history is made!

Episode 41 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex welcome comedian/amateur Zionist, Robbie Goodwin to the show. Robbie discusses the reactions to his comedy video on Ron Paul which has been going viral as the 2012 presidential election looms closer. Afterward, Eddie and Alex blow the lid off a music set with some crazy 80’s music and facts. Lives get lived on the Coup! Join us.

Episode 40 (Part 1) – Eddie and Alex get cooking with this episode of the Coup D’état with eye opening revelations on Ryguy’s death, the news and more. Eddie gets in a sentimental mood and plays some sentimental jams from the 60’s and 70’s. The boys raise the terror alert when discussing this new 9/11 commemorative commercial. Bootlegs are served with a side of grits. Eddie gets back on top!

Episode 40 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex have to be quick on their toes when the internet goes out in the studio. The boys are forced to improvise in the studio. Alex gets egg on his face when Power Station cuts off mid song! Eddie plays a lot of great music and Ricky Luna drops by the studio to talk about turning tricks and comedy! What is going on?!

Episode 39 (Part 1) – This week Eddie finds himself driving back to the Police Department to answer more questions about the death of co-host Ryguy. Jason Dove steps in to deliver a very special episode celebrating the music of Colin Blunstone and the Zombies. Jason and Alex Q. Huffman read some news and dig deep into the Zombies catalog gearing up for the interview with Colin Blunstone.

Episode 39 (Part 2) – Jason Dove steps in for Eddie Winters and interviews rock and roll legend, Colin Blunstone of the 60’s rock group, The Zombies! Jason and Colin discuss The Zombies 50 year history, Odessey and Oracle, Colin’s solo work, touring, making records, and much more. Listen to this legendary interview with a real rock and roll icon!

Episode 38 (Part 1) – Eddie and Alex Q. Huffman kick things off with a very tremendous installment of the Coup D’état. The boys discuss the news, the previous weekend, pills, partying and miatas. The bootleg breakfast gets served with a side of Irish coffee and the boys bring on filmdrunk.com star, Vince Mancini. All in a day’s work…

Episode 38 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex Q. Huffman welcome writer and comedian, Vince Mancini from the movie blog filmdrunk.com to the program. They discuss a wide range of subjects ranging from the internet, movies, snark, conan, tron, music, Ryguy, shamans and more. Calls are taken, apologies are made and the internet is forced to get a lot deeper. Eddie to the rescue once again.

Episode 37 (Part 1) – Eddie gets locked out of the studio and gets to a late start (skip ahead 10 mins). Eddie and Alex discuss their weekend, the news and stupid Bristol Palin. Peirs Morgan also brings Eddie to the brink of self-destruction and the only thing that can bring Eddie back is bootlegs from Ryguy’s sack. Treason is the reason for the season!

Episode 37 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex discuss haunted headphones, building seven, Donny Rumsfeld, sheep, Bob Dylan, and lady gaga. The terror alert is raised. Eddie drops the “F” bomb numerous times in response to the state of nation. Eddie talks Gilligan’s island to take his mind off of reality. Songs and madness every week!
Episode 36 (Part 1) – Eddie and Alex bring a class “A” show when they discuss this week’s events. Eddie discusses revelations made by Jackie Kennedy about her husband’s death. Eddie does a very special raising of the terror alert level which features the terrorist sounds of Limp Bizkit. Throat toast is made and bootlegs get played.

Episode 36 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex Huffman wrap up the bootleg breakfast, Eddie tries to take his medicine but can’t remember where he placed it. Old classic grooves get played. Science gets discussed and Eddie and Alex get confused. Theme songs, Weekend at Bin Laden’s, and Apologies are abound. Get loose!

Episode 35 (Part 1) – Eddie, still mourning the loss of Ryguy, finds himself back in the studio figuring out just how to carry on. Eddie and Alex Q. Huffman, pay more homage to Ryguy as well as doing some of the top news stories of the week. Eddie gets deep about 9/11, gets into some bootlegs and brings in comedian, Roman Leo, while Alex tries to fight hallucinations. The investigation is just getting underway.

Episode 35 (Part 2) – The bootleg breakfast gets wrapped up to-go and Eddie Winters gets deep with comedian, Roman Leo. Eddie and Roman try to keep intern, Alex Q. Huffman, from falling asleep. Eddie gets nostalgic when Alex channels the late Ryguy and provides for some A+ phoning it in magic. Apologies are made and bills are paid on the Coup D’état!

Episode 34 (Part 1) – Eddie makes the sad and tragic announcement of Ryguy’s passing. Eddie puts on a brave face and muscles through an emotional tribute to one of radio’s most brightest co-hosts. Eddie dispels the rumors surrounding Ryguy’s death. Eddie and Alex discuss the news, bootlegs and new developments in the investigation into Ryguy’s passing. Listen and send your thoughts to Ryguy, where ever he is…

Episode 34 (Part 2) – Eddie and Alex try to make sense of things after learning of the passing of co-host, Ryguy. Eddie takes calls from mourning guests and pays homage (in song) to our fallen friend. Later in the show comedian, Ricky Luna, drops by the studio to discuss comedy, gay stuff, and more. This is a crazy, tragic day in history. Please listen in tribute to Ryguy, our friend.

Episode 33 (Part 1) – After a night of rum drinks and tiki bar craziness, Eddie is woken by intern, Alex Q. Huffman, and gets to the studio late (fast forward ahead 25 mins). To make matters worse Eddie believes he has left his golden throat at a bar. Eddie, still missing Ryguy, carries on with the News and later gets into a smooth bootleg breakfast. Eddie somehow makes a classic lost episode with out ever losing it.

Episode 33 (Part 2) – After discovering that both scheduled guests have canceled their appearances, Eddie and Alex talk with comic, Rory Hensey, who brings his unique perspective and vocabulary to the show. Eddie takes your calls, talks stereotypes, plays some deep hits and nurses a rum hangover and this is only the 2nd half of the show! Discover this lost episode before it becomes lost!

Episode 32 (Part 1) – Eddie has to break into the studio to get things going. Intern, Alex Q. Huffman, shows up and Eddie laments about the absence of co-host, Ryguy. Eddie trains Alex, drops the “F” bomb, admits he hates disco but manages to play some disco?! Eddie takes some time to talk with Alex before cracking into the News and some bootlegs that Ryguy left behind. What will happen next?

Episode 32 (Part 2) – Eddie and intern Alex Q. Huffman discuss Eddie’s history with relationships while committing to the standard of great jams. Eddie pays tribute to Ryguy with movie trailers, songs & stories. More callers call in to accuse Eddie of being racist. Eddie lashes out in a rage & then cools off with montages, music and moods. Eddie gets psychedelic w/ apologies and the magic happens. Where is Ryguy?

Episode 31 (Part 1) – Eddie still can’t locate Ryguy so he is forced to do the show alone, once again, with intern Alex Q. Huffman. Eddie and Alex get into a lot of news, take your phone calls and get deep into a sack of bootlegs. Yelling, screaming, TSA pat downs and pills. Get loosey goosey.

Episode 31 (Part 2) – Eddie gets deep with the hits and gets deeper with his personal life. Eddie laments Ryguy’s absence with the callers and intern Alex Q. Huffman. Comedian, Matt Gardens, comes on the show and makes every promise to not move to LA. Apologies and apologizing. Quality programming just got better. Way better.

Episode 30 (Part 1) – Ryguy goes missing after a late night drunken squabble and Eddie is forced to go it alone with intern, Alex Q. Huffman. Eddie discusses synthesizers and gets deep with his feelings on Ryguy’s absence. The news gets discussed and sound bytes get played. Eddie plays some bootlegs and the world gets a little bit smaller when talk leads to Alex Jones and Glenn Beck. it get’s crazy!

Episode 30 (Part 2) – Eddie and intern, Alex Q. Huffman, discuss Ryguy’s disappearance. An impostor Ryguy calls in. Eddie get’s depressed and begins dedicating the rest of the show to Ryguy’s memory. Positive vibes somehow reach Ryguy and he calls in. The idea for a new restaurant is hatched when Eddie and Alex discuss JFKFC. Eddie rocks a UFO montage and apologizes! Rockin’ rhythms get played and jeans get frayed.

Episode 29 (Part 1) – Eddie gets to a late start on this one but delivers the goods when official World Champion Skeeball player, Joey The Cat and stops by the studio to share his tale of recent victory! Ryguy fails to wake up so Eddie breaks in the new intern Alex Q. Huffman and gets into forbidden rhythms. Totally.

Episode 29 (Part 2) – The bootlegs get served to-go this week. Eddie discusses the news and events of the week with Alex Q. Huffman. Tributes are made and grooves are played. Nothing quite makes up for the lack of Ryguy. Eddie still manages to get deep despite a terror attack on his Miata. Find out what happens next…

Episode 28 (Part 1) – Eddie and Ryguy kick off this legendary show with some deep and controversial news. Alex Q. Huffman joins the boys as the new intern. Eddie gets completely rattled by the news of Clarence Clemons recent stroke. Eddie has a hard time getting back on track and leaves it up to Ryguy and Alex to command the ship. Eddie takes your calls and plan trips to the malls…

Episode 28 (Part 2) – Eddie and Ryguy finish up the bootleg breakfast and step into a little audio quicksand as Eddie tries to self-diagnosis himself and figure out why he’s phoning it in. Alex Q. Huffman joins the show as the new intern. Lots of music gets played and Eddie begs for death. all in a days work.

Episode 27 (Part 1) – The boys are back with another intense and deep edition of the Coup D’état. This week Eddie and Ryguy discuss the weeks current events, raise the terror alert level with Katy Perry and Kanye’s “Extraterrestrial”, bootlegs get played and calls get made. This is the Coup D’état at it’s finest. This place about to blow.

Episode 27 (Part 2) – Eddie and Ryguy finish up the bootleg breakfast and then discuss the patriot act, Jack Kevorkian, and a recent Miami police shooting. Eddie and Ryguy takes the listeners calls, plays some hot jams. Eddie welcomes back comedian Alex Huffman to the show. Ryguy starts phoning it in and Eddie drops the “F” bomb. It really doesn’t get better than this.

Episode 26 (Part 1) – Eddie and Ryguy are back at it again this week as they get deep into the news. Eddie finds out that cell phones give you cancer and Ryguy gets a little country. Bootlegs are served and deals are made. Eddie Winters has the honor of being the first show on the new MUTINY RADIO! Check it out now, funk soul brother.

Episode 26 (Part 2) – Eddie and Ryguy wrap up the bootleg breakfast and start getting bombarded with phone calls. Unfortunately, Eddie can’t figure out how to work the phone. Ryguy gets the giggles and Comedian, Alex Huffman (Rex Bannister), stops by the studio and discusses fiber optics, the moon landing and 9/11. What is the opposite of shallow?

Episode 25 (Part 1) – Things get really weird when Eddie shows up to the studio and tries something “different”. Ryguy has trouble getting out of bed and Eddie is forced to take the reins. The new sound board is explored and the news is dealt with. Bootlegs spill from Ryguy’s crown royal bag and Eddie makes some calls…

Episode 25 (Part 2) – Eddie and Ryguy wrap up a bootleg breakfast and immediately begin testing each others’ knowledge. Eddie starts getting mad and Ryguy just starts to wake up. Grooves get deep and requests get made. Answers get answers.

Episode 24 (Part 1) – We find old habits die hard when Eddie and Ryguy get back in the studio for another rousing edition of the Coup D’état. The boys discuss current events, weekend plans, drinking, drugs, the 1989 classic “Men at Work” and more. Bootlegs get played and blood gets spilled. Get ready America.

Episode 24 (Part 2) – Eddie and Ryguy dig deep into the controversies surrounding the deaths of RFK, Princess Diana, MLK and somehow manage to keep the bickering to a maximum. Grooves get played, apologies get made, and lives get saved. Join the boys for a classic Coup D’état.

Episode 23 (Part 1) – Eddie and Ryguy get deep into the news discussing today’s events. Eddie tests out the new CoupDetat soundboard and debuts an Eddie Winters dance track. Ryguy and Eddie discuss more Bin Laden related news and the bootleg breakfast gets served. All in a day’s work.

Episode 23 (Part 2) – Eddie and Ryguy get deep as they listen to the 2nd part of the Jason Dove interview with Director, John Hankey. They Discuss Hankey’s work on the death of JFK and JFK Jr and how it relates to events going on now. Eddie and Ryguy talk about the news and play some rare tracks. Apologies are given and names are named. Let’s get on a list.

Episode 22 – (Part 1) Ryguy returns to the show after two weeks and he immediately get’s the coup started with a very special “Bin Laden” episode. A fan makes new theme music! Ryguy and Eddie ask the important questions about Obama’s birth certificate and the assassination of Bin Laden. The boys deal in some 80’s American inspirational Movie Music and choppy internet. Bootlegs and bandannas! Coup D’état style!

Episode 22 – (Part 2) Eddie and Ryguy are excited to broadcast part 1 of the John Hankey interview (recorded 4/29/11). Jason Dove and John Hankey get deep with their discussion of Hankey’s films, “Dark Legacy” and “The Assassination of JFK Jr.” Later on, Ryguy and Eddie get sentimental and apologize for their mistakes. Frag out!

Episode 21 – Download – Eddie is back in the studio doing a very special 2-Hour edition of the Coup D’état. Eddie spends time covering the news, letting everyone know about his feelings towards CNN “writer” Ed Hornick and his ground breaking article “11 political myths and conspiracy theories that still persist”. Eddie raises the terror alert, plays some bootlegs, and gets crazy. Action Packed and filled with excitement.

Episode 20 (Part 1) – Eddie celebrates 420 with a very special episode of the Coup D’état. Eddie welcomes SF Skeeball Champion, Joey The Cat, back to the show. Joey shares the secrets to the “Purple Haze” skeeball feat and Eddie tries to scare Joey with crazy UFO footage. Bootlegs and paranoia are whats in store. Ease the seat back…

Episode 20 (Part 2) – Keeping in step with the times, Eddie does a special 420 sound collage of cops and robbers, discusses aliens and Sammy Hagar. Eddie welcomes electronic music legend, Jason Urick to the show to get deep as they discuss one of Portland’s finest exports: Hannah’s Field. Eddie loosens up and get’s lost in the soft sounds of the Coup D’état. Eddie’s Miata never felt so good…

Episode 19 (Part 1) – Eddie and Ryguy get back to their roots with this very special episode. Eddie talks about the new “Coup D’état After Dark” show and scolds Ryguy and Jason Dove for not bringing home the goods. Eddie talks tells a story about his Miata and then gets deep with the news. Bootlegs are abound while the knoll gets grassier…

Episode 19 (Part 2) – Eddie and Ryguy get back to their roots and deliver a healthy dose of rock and roll and discuss the secret service and the first African American Secret Serviceman, Abraham Bolden. Ryguy phones it in and Eddie loses his temper. Everything is back to normal…

Episode 18 (Part 1) – Eddie and Ryguy (Ryan McCleary) discuss current events and news. Eddie is suffering from a terrible cold. Ryguy refuses to put Eddie out of his misery and instead the get deep, deep, deep into current events, Jack Ruby and more. Have a picnic on the grassy knoll!

Episode 18 (Part 2) – Eddie and Ryguy (Ryan McCleary) finish up the bootleg breakfast and bring on the human anomaly, Drew Dolinger, to showcase his wide vocabulary and share some secrets from Baltimore, MD. Bobby Guap comes in to help control Drew. No wine will help the boys this week.

Episode 17 (Part 1) – Eddie and Ryguy have a nice chat with SF Skeeball champion, Joey The Cat. Then the boys play some bootlegs and the bickering begins!

Episode 17 (Part 2) – Eddie and Ryguy try to get deep in to the JFK assassination but run into a little trouble when Juan The Comedian shows up for a chat. The boys raise the terror alert level with Rebbecca Black’s “Friday”. Apologies are given out and the laughs keep coming.

Episode 16 (Part 1) – Eddie and Ryguy are back at it again with more terror alert raising with “Puff Puff Give” by Hannah’s Fields. The fellas talk about current events and dig deep in Ryguy’s endless sack of bootlegs. Eddie tells the listeners about his morning routine and then the deep get’s deeper…

Episode 16 (Part 2) – Eddie finally gets his son, Teddy, on the phone to wish him a happy birthday but Teddy has a secret to tell his old man. Eddie has his mind blown and then @juanthecomic joins the show for a heated discussion about the underground SF comedy world.

Episode 15 (Part 1) – Eddie and Ryguy are stripped of almost all technology when Eddie’s Laptop is in the shop for repair. Eddie does some serious soul searching on-the-air and Ryguy tries to cheer Eddie up with his bag of bootlegs and a dead-on Charlie Sheen impression. Deep, deep.

Episode 15 (Part 2) – Eddie tries to reach out to his son, Teddy, on his birthday but has trouble making a connection. Ryguy tries to console Eddie with classic mood music. Eddie breaks down when reminiscing about his first ex-wife (The mother of young Teddy). The theater of life.

Episode 14 (Part 1) – Eddie and Ryguy come back this week with a special dose of craziness. Ryguy displays some attitude and Eddie nearly loses it during the news. Eddie and Ryguy discuss secret societies, the new world order and other scary and frightening powers that run behind the scenes. Things get crazy really quick with bootlegs and paranoia this week.

Episode 14 (Part 2) – Eddie and Ryguy get deep with a caller and discuss the New World Order. The gents listen to some comedy by Bill Hicks and some sweet grooves Ronnie Spector and Herb Alpert. Then Bobby Guap shows up and the boys discussion gets heated. One of the greatest episodes.

Episode 13 (Part 1) – Eddie and Ryguy get back on the air and are energized with tiger blood and Adonis DNA. The boys do the news, raise the terror alert level with a new song by Avril Lavigne and open up RyGuy’s big bag of bootlegs. They also dig deep into the psychosis of Charlie “The Machine” Sheen. Listen, learn and love.

Episode 13 (Part 2) – Eddie and Ryguy get deep into the Grassy Knoll with some NWO, JFK, CIA related stuff. Ryguy and Eddie play some deep tracks and then Bobby Guap visits the studio for some in depth interview action. Eddie and Ryguy patch things up and discuss how they first met. Listen to the fellas as they get back on the air and bask in the conspiracy.

Episode 11 (Part 1) – Eddie and Ry-Guy talk about today’s news headlines while trying hard not to bicker at each other. Eddie talks about this week in Rock and Roll history and also discusses rock and roll and death. They get deep into the rock and roll and even deeper into Ry -Guys sack of bootlegs. Eddie’s back start acting up again…Find out what happens next.

Episode 11 (Part 2) – Eddie and Ry-Guy interview rock and roll recording artist Hans Chew about his upcoming European tour and his new record “Tennessee and other Stories”. Eddie has another back “Emergency” and Ry-Guy is forced to call in for back up. Jason Dove comes in and helps Ry-Guy interview JFK assassination expert, Paul Kangas. Listen as things get deep, deep, deep.

Episode 10 (Part 1) – Eddie and Ry-Guy get focused as they discuss the news, raise the terror alert level with Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” and dig deep into Ry-Guys sack of bootlegs. Only minor technical difficulties that makes Eddies’ back starts acting up before his chiropractic appointment and is forced to …leave the show early…Trouble in paradise?

Episode 10 (Part 2) – Eddie goes to the chiropractor leaving Ry-Guy to host the show with a very special substitute dj, Jason Dove. Ry-Guy and Jason select great rock and roll hits, discuss current events and get super deep into the Kennedy Assassination with JFK expert, Paul Kangas. Paul Kangas discusses the link …between G.H.W Bush and his direct involvement in the JFK assassination.

Episode 9 (Part 1) – This is the very special Ry-guy birthday edition of the Coup D’etat. Ry-guy and Eddie do the news, talk about current events and dig deep into Ryguy’s sack of bootlegs. The studio get’s invaded by high school students and Eddie and Ry-guy don’t know what to do. So they barricade themselves in the studio and pray.

Episode 9 (Part 2) – This is the 2nd half of the very special Ry-Guy Birthday addition of the Coup D’etat. We raise the terror alert level with a song called “Birthday Sex”. Many friends from Ry-Guys past call in to say “Happy Birthday”. Ry-guy picks songs from his personal collection and somehow screws it all up. Eddie gets locked out of the studio.

Episode 8  (Part 1) – Ry-Guy returns to the show and helps Eddie with current events, Raising the terror alert level with Rhianna and digging through bootleg recordings. Eddie gets a little off his rocker when he sneaks a little whiskey between songs. Let the fighting begin.

Episode 8  (Part 2) – Ry-Guy and Eddie get psychedelic with 9/11 conspiracy audio and hot 70’s riffs. Comedian, Peter O’Connell stops by the studio to share his positive brand of humor. Eddie loses his temper when Peter calls him the wrong name. Ry-Guy tries to salvage the show and Eddie is forced to tickle to get control back. Eddie has to apologize to the audience twice. Easy like Sunday morning.

Episode 7 (Part 1) – (Begins 9 minutes late) The first Rock and Roll Coup D’etat of the New Year with guest Ryan McCleary (As played by DJ Wii’d of PCR) and a phone call from famous soundtrack maker: John Williams.

Episode 7 (Part 2) – Ry-Guy goes on vacation leaving Eddie to his own devices. Comedian, Peter O’Connell drops by and then walks out when Eddie Informs him that one of his jokes is being used by Neil Hamburger. Eddie gets deep into the rock and roll and is a little light with the grassy knoll. That’s the Coup d’état for you…


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