Hans Chew and more with Paul Kangas

February 9, 2011   ♥   Categories: Blog

I recently got to substitute DJ again for Eddie Winters on Eddie’s Rock and Roll Coup d’état radio show on Pirate Cat Radio. Eddie did a fine interview with Hans Chew, a musician from Tennessee who recently released an album called Tennessee and other Stories and will be touring Europe in March of 2011. Eddie got right down to the bottom of it with Hans about his shows and the rock and roll lifestyle. They spoke about  some of the stories that Hans refers to in the title of his new album. Eddie finishes his interview and the show (?) and plays a bootleg from a recent Hans Chew show.

Then things get crazy when Ryan, Eddie’s co-host, called me and asked me to fill in again for Eddie Winters. I was pretty busy but I’d drop everything to help out a guy like Ryan. He called me and I rushed over to Pirate Cat Radio to help out the rest of the show. We played old and crazy songs from the 60’s and 70’s and I got to cue up the new Mark Lane movie trailer which Ryan had never seen (or heard) before. Things got a little out of hand when we did an audio montage that featured the Scorpions and an old episode of The Wonder Years. All this in preparation for another chat with SF Private Investigator, Paul Kangas. Paul returned to the show and we got to discuss the current economic situation in our country and what the job of President really means. We also talked about events that lead up to the present decline of the economy and what we, as a nation, can learn from the events going on in Egypt.

Check it out: Coup d’état
Eddie Winter’s Facebook Page: Eddie Winters

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