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Random Street Stories

April 15, 2014   ♥   Categories: Blog, Miscellaneous Video, Videos

RSS: Random Street Stories (Episode 001) from AbstrktVolcanoFilm on Vimeo.

Episode 001: Folsom & 18th (San Francisco)

Comedian Dash Kwiatkowski tells of a chance encounter in a men’s room. Comedian Jason Dove recounts a brush with the unexplained.

Written, filmed & edited by William Head for AbstrktVolcano.
Music by Soto the Zen Master

Thank you for supporting independent artists.

Treat Street – Episode 1

October 30, 2010   ♥   Categories: Blog, Miscellaneous Video, Videos

I started a new series of videos called Treat Street based on the house that I live at in San Francisco and the goofy bunch of dudes that are always around. This episode is based heavily on the Michael Bolton classic “I said I loved you but I lied.” No one likes a liar anyway. Find out what the boys on Treat Street are up to this time.

Kevin Bacon Dance Off Contest

January 9, 2009   ♥   Categories: Miscellaneous Video, Videos

So, this friend of mine works for the music group The Bacon Brothers featuring Hollywood icon, Kevin Bacon and his older Brother, Michael. In early 2009, the Bacons decided to host a internet video competition for their single, “Go My Way (The Ipod Song)” on youtube. The contest suggested that Bacon Brother fans make a video of themselves dancing to the new single. The contest got off to a very slow start and my friend even mentioned the possibility of implementing “an exit strategy” to end the contest early. I joked that maybe I would make a video for the contest to help kick start it. My friend dared me to do so, so I did. This was shot and edited in 2 hours. I can’t dance.

Camera: Bryson Dudley and Tim Boucher
Dance Moves: Jason Dove
Editing: Jason Dove

Euro Web Documentary

January 4, 2009   ♥   Categories: Miscellaneous Video, Videos

Jason makes a very special appearance in the Swedish based web series; The Klang Tour Journals. Jason was honored to be the very first guest to appear on the Swedish Duo’s new series documenting the experiences of Klang’s very first visit to America .

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